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Playback 5.1 music with the Quantum in Windows 10

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asked Jul 14, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by karlheortweard (170 points)
As mentioned in the header, is there a way to playback music (and films) in 5.1 in Windows? I can route all the channels in Cubase, but I'd like to listen to my 5.1 exports in some audio player (foobar, PowerDVD) and hear it in 5.1. Even if I set PowerDVD to 6 channels it either flips back to stereo when I play something or it stays on 6 channels, but still only hear stereo.

One thing that draws my attention is also that I can only select stereo setups in the Windows Playback Devices. Main Out, Line Out 1/2, 3/4 etc. Any solutions here? Thanks!



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answered Jul 22, 2020 by salesdept (140 points)
The quantum is not designed as a soundcard, so it will not work for this purpose.  We might be able to help you if you would like to talk more.