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Shortcut to Change Note Length by Grid Division

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asked May 19, 2016 in Studio One 3 by Olley Ollet (470 points)

   Would love a keyboard shortcut to change the note length by the grid division. For instance if I have a sixteen note and I have a 1/16th division and I use this keyboard shortcut, it will add a 16th note in duration to the note, thereby making it an eighth note. Can be done subtracted as well.

    I feel this is a feature that would improve my workflow 10x.

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answered May 19, 2016 by Zirrex (9,360 points)
selected Jun 26, 2017 by AlexTinsley
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I use simple macros.

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answered May 21, 2016 by Olley Ollet (470 points)
Any chance you could upload those macros to the exchange? Simple macros to you may not be simple to everyone keep in mind. I would really appreciate these.