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Missing Clips (files) Easy Rescue???

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asked Feb 7 in Studio One 6 by mikemcgraw1 (940 points)
edited Feb 7 by mikemcgraw1
Hey all,

I think I effed up...

I recently went ahead and did a bunch of housekeeping and went OCD on organizing "My Studio One Projects" folder.  I didn't delete anything, I just moved them and re-titled some of the folders.  I do kind of remember deleting some Cache folders though.  When the "Locate Missing Files" dialog screen appears the service is able to find SOME of the files and when right clicked it give me the option to "Accept this Candidate".  All good but I'm perplexed why the service only finds SOME of the missing files.  It seems now that due to ALL the Auto-Saved versions of the same song inside History folders, inside History folders, inside History folders, inside History folders, that I've got HUNDREDS of hours ahead of me in re-linking these files.  Why so complicated when all I've done is change the name of the Song folder?  The files are still on the same drive.

Is there not an easier way to re-link my .song files with their associated Media folders?

ALSO!!...  I've tried re-linking all files for a given .song file but after all that work the song won't play properly.  It's like all the events have moved themselves out of line with the grid or something.

I did install some new plugins(Soothe2, and The God Particle) before realized this became an issue for me. Also installed VLC, and Equalizer APO.  Not sure if this has anything to do with it so i deleted all of them and removed from registry.  I also deleted S1 pref folder items but still same issue for project events going WAY out of sync with their original positions.  I'm kinda worried that 8 years of production has been compromised.

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answered Feb 7 by mikemcgraw1 (940 points)
I do have older back-ups of pref items.  Not sure if re-installing them would help.  Sure wish I set a restore point.

I'll try installing an older version or S1, I guess.
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answered Feb 7 by mikemcgraw1 (940 points)
ALSO, As I've been opening and closing one .song file after another my system has been crashing.  See diagnostics report: