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Sample Magic - New Wave drums missing one shot files?

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asked Feb 21, 2023 in Studio One 5 by lukebyrne1 (120 points)

I used a drum loop from Sample Magic's "New Wave" pack that came with my purchase of studio one 5 professional under "Prime Selection Loops and Sounds". The beat itself isn't exactly what I wanted and as far as I could find there were no presets with these drums on Impact, so my only option was to make the preset myself. However, upon endlessly searching all of files relating to this pack in my studio one file explorer, there isn't a single one shot sound from this drum kit despite the fact that the product page for this sample pack states clearly that there is.

Image of all drum files in this pack that I have:

So I'm lead to believe that either my installation is somehow incomplete despite what my installation says, or that the sample pack itself doesn't have these one-shot files at all. Can anyone please confirm with me if this correct of it I'm missing some info on where I can find these files?

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