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32SX motorized faders change position in DAW Mode Logic Pro

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asked May 6 in StudioLive Series III by ramonrochasaciloto (250 points)
Hello, friends, thank you for your continued attention.

A big problem:

I'm using DAW Mode in Logic Pro, and ok, I'm able to do my button programming and assignments.

However, the motorized faders change position on their own in the following situation:

1. I move the faders on the SL (ok, the logic responds and maintains it, in this case there is no problem)

2. I move the logic's virtual fader, the SL responds and follows, two seconds later it changes position
(if I go up in logic, it goes up in SL and then goes down a little... and the other way around too)

3. if I use the knobs to change volume, same thing
First, the SL faders follow the kbob value, after a few seconds, they move to another position.

4. When I change from Track View to global view, or Aux View, for example.
Whenever there is a page change, the faders are positioned in the correct location and a few seconds later, they change position, this also occurs for PAN values, when I am in Flip View.

Anyway, I'm very committed to using the DAW Mode function with Logic, but changing the position of the faders will be impossible.

It seems to me:

1. calibration problem, I'm going to do the calibration procedure that I saw on the internet today to see if it solves it.
2. Some difference between the values ​​of the Logic fader and the SL fader, as the inappropriate change is always different. For example, if I go up 10dB, it goes down 1.5 (I'm making up the values), if I go down 5dB, it goes up 0.75...

I have already installed and uninstalled the control surfaces.
Maybe you can try reinstalling Logic, or reinstalling the SL firmware.

Anyway, can anyone help me?

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