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Universal Control v4.3.0.99834 onsupported screen size on all Android devices

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asked May 12 in UC Surface / Qmix by justinbradley3 (320 points)
The latest universal control v4.3.0.99834 on all android devices is showing "Mix control is not supported at this screen size".

This has effectivly killed my setup for In-Ear monitoring as all band members can nolonge use the UC App to control their mixes. Even the Tablet with 1900x1200 has the same error!!


In the meantime how can I downgrade the app to a previous version?

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answered May 12 by rollineronemus (160 points)
I don't have an answer but I ran into the same problem last night. I hope someone has an answer!
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answered May 13 by giuseppemariacheccacci (140 points)
Stesso problema riscontrato, per fortuna il PC regge, RM16AI
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answered May 13 by xzb6np (320 points)
Same problem on my 7" Android tablet. Thanks Presonus for ruining a church service yesterday on Mothersday!
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answered May 13 by xzb6np (320 points)
edited May 13 by xzb6np
I just found the older version here:

I uninstalled the new version and installed this one and it works again on my 7" tablet. The only issue is that Google Play Store will probably upgrade it again so keep this APK file on your device so you can reinstall. Also you will have to turn on the developer options on your device. There are many articles on the web on how to do that. It's pretty easy. Just clicking something in the device info screen 5 times. Then you can turn on sideloading and install this older version. One other thing it didn't tale 2 minutes for google to want to upgrade it to the new version. So I went into the playstore setting under my profile and turned off auto updates.  Enjoy!
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answered May 17 by justinbradley3 (320 points)
When are Presonus going to respond to this issue. It has now been a couple of weeks since the release of the new UC! As all the Band have updates enabled (Best practices for any Mobile device), we are now in the situation that our Main / InEars (Studiolive 24R) is now a paper weight and unusable without a laptop attached...

This just goes to show how bad quality control has got at Presonus!! They should understand that such changes cause major outages for active bands, church an the like....

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answered May 17 by tedkulm (160 points)
Just ran into this too!  Bascially killed my access to the two presonus units I use.
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answered May 17 by justinbradley3 (320 points)

I raised a support case and this is what I received.. Please refer to the knowledge base article.

Universal Control Mobile App Screen Sizing Adjustment (Android)

Unfortuntaly it doesnt cover turning on developer mode or how to stop the app from auto-updating, so please be careful otherwise you end up in a loop.