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Add Tracks Dialog - Instrument Search Feature

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asked Jun 9 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by lucasmessore (370 points)
Hi S1 Team,

Think that it would be nice to have an instrument search feature in the Add Tracks dialog. When you click add tracks, instrument track, and select the VST Instrument, there is a long dropdown menu of instruments. Would be nice if you could just search at the top. Exactly how the mixer works.

Thank you!

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answered Jun 21 by Lewis 77 (140 points)

The Add Tracks Dialog in Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK's Instrument Search Feature allows players to easily locate and add specific in-game music tracks or sound effects. This enhances the gaming experience by enabling personalized soundtracks, making long hauls more enjoyable and immersive. This feature is accessible and user-friendly. Visit here