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[SOLVED] How do I turn off Midi Merge | Record Replace mode

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asked Jun 15, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jorgepinto1 (3,990 points)
edited Jun 15, 2016 by jorgepinto1
How do I turn off Midi Merge. I want to overwrite a previously recorded Midi  event. I'm only able to add notes to an existing midi event. Thank you.

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answered Jun 15, 2016 by jorgepinto1 (3,990 points)
I figured it out. It's called Record Replace Mode. Hover over wrench next to Metronome and that brings up the Midi Record panel. Select replace.
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answered Sep 6, 2016 by jamesdouglas1 (150 points)
finally! something this simple took me a while to find lol. thanks 4 the help!