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How on earth do i activate Melodyne Essential..??

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asked Aug 7, 2016 in Studio One 3 by mickedge (290 points)
reshown Aug 8, 2016 by mickedge
How on Earth do i activate Melodyne Essential in Studio One 3 Pro..? Yes....this question has been asked, unfortunately the answer doesn't solve anything. I have followed the instructions to the letter....NOTHING. Open in standalone first- asks me for serial number- enter serial number- tells me serial number is for a wrong product..! {my serial number IS correct}. Going around in circles here. On the Celemony website, they claim that installation & registration/authorisation is extremely easy.....maybe in a parallel universe it is....but not in this one...

Any ideas..? Thanks...

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answered Aug 8, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,450 points)
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answered Mar 10, 2021 by kylejester (150 points)

The REAL answer is that you have to go into your Melodyne folder, click Setup.exe (i'm on windows), go through the setup.

Then OPEN the Melodyne standalone app.  It will ask you if you want to activate. You do.

Click ACTIVATE.  It will take you to melodyne website and force you to open an account there, just to activate the product.

*** If you close the browser during activation because you actually have no interest in having a Melodyne account, your activation will not go through.  Also, then when you click to try to activate it again, the melodyne website will no longer give you the option of simply activating.  it will instead ask if you want to BUY a license.  You don't.  I had to close the browser and melodyne app for it to give me a new activation pathway which worked after registering for the completely useless account.

To actually use Melodyne in Studio One, right click on an event, scroll to the AUDIO submenu, and click EDIT WITH MELODYNE (or shortcut CTRL M).

What a frustrating way to make us activate something that was "included" in my purchase.