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Can I use glide/legato in polyphonic tracks efficiently?

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asked Aug 23, 2016 in Studio One 3 by witold.sieraczynski (170 points)
I have a chord progression played by one instrument (specifically, MaiTai, but the problem probably isn't limited to that one).

I would like to apply the glide/legato effect to certain sounds in the progression, and keep the other sounds unaffected. I tried two techniques which seemingly work, but they both require a workaround.

My first attempt involved automating the pitch bend wheel, which, obviously, had to be done on two separate tracks (I had to separate the legato sounds from the others to prevent the other sounds from gliding). I was fairly sure this would work, but apparently automation affects the entire instrument, not just the track it's applied to, so I had to create a copy of the instrument playing on one track and apply it to the other, so that they would remain independent.

Then I tried setting the instrument mode to mono and applying a glide, but ran into the same problem - naturally, this couldn't be done on a single track either, so I had to split the sounds into multiple tracks, which didn't help at all, as I could still hear only one sound from that instrument. This time I also had to duplicate the instrument onto each track.

The need to duplicate instruments is really troublesome, as in case I want to make certain changes to the instrument's parameters, I'd have to replicate those changes in the other (or remove the clones and create them again).

What should I do to achieve the effect with no duplication? I'd like to keep the instrument in poly mode, but make certain notes glide into others.

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answered May 19, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,090 points)
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Your approach as outlined above may be the best current approach.  

You may want to inquire about this on the user forum which may allow for longer ongoing back and forth discussions about it and more points of view as to possible different approaches or workflows for that.