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Polyphonic samples in Impact XT!

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asked Sep 4, 2018 in Studio One 4 by DynaPaul (130 points)
Hey all, just upgraded to Studio One version 4 and I'm finding that Impact XT doesn't have the button to select each pad as polyphonic like the older Impact did. This has become a problem for my drum samples during fast parts because it cuts off the last sample and plays the next instance causing the beat to sound like it's stuttering. Does anyone know where I can adjust that in the new XT version of Impact? Thanks!

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answered Oct 2, 2019 by joshsimmonds1 (230 points)

Hey man, I had the same issue, literally just fixed the issue. Got to use SampleOne instead as i don't think Impact has the same function. However, same process of dragging and dropping the samples into the VST. But once they are loaded up, on the bottom right hand side of SampleOne, there is a little knob under the Master knob. It will probably be on like 32 (for 32 voices), just change it to 1 and voila! I think you will need to change each sample to one shot first though.