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sample rate gap issue

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asked Aug 23, 2016 in Studio One 3 by alessiocompagnucci (150 points)
hello i run studio one 3 connected to an RM32ai as interface, usually i do recordings during live concerts so i use capture,

now i did a studio recording so i recorded on studio one straight. it was the first time so i didn't bother to match the song setup to the interface setup, and in the end interface was set to 48khz and song setup was at 44.1khz.

no problem when i listen to the recorded stuff in studio one with an interface set to 48khz, but if i export the mixdown or anything from that song i have a slowed down and pitched down audio, no matter  export in 44.1 or 48. is there a way of exporting what i listen to in the session? cause as is said everything sounds ok while i'm mixing in studio one, the problem is what i export doesn't sound the same as what i listen to while mixing, it has the classic down-pitch and slowdown tempo. i know i did a mistake but anyway i think this is bug since there must be a way of exporting what i listen in the mix session

please help me this is a big problem as you can see.



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answered Sep 12, 2016 by brentchaisson (1,180 points)
Hi Alessio,

Did you happen to get this resolved? This sounds exactly whats happening to me and we are both running the RM32AI. When I exported a mix, it came out lower in pitch, it used to playback in the correct pitch, but now the song is just playing back in lower pitch and I can't figure it out.

Please let me know if you solved your problem and how you did it. Thanks!!