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Studio One 3.3 / Progression 6 not connecting on Mac. SO not detecting Notion. Notion hangs trying to connect to SO

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asked Sep 2, 2016 in Studio One 3 by anthonymolica (1,280 points)

I have studio one 3.3 running. I have Notion 6 running. I CANNOT get studio one to detect that notion is running.  It's running. Studio one cannot detect it. When I get to the menu SONG> SEND TO NOTION, I get a message "Notion 6 or later must be installed on this computer or in the network.  Studio one cannot detect that notion is running."  Then I click "Launch Notion". Try again. Fail,

Then I try to send from Notion 6 to Studio One 3.3.  I choose notes (versus audio).  And Notion hangs on "Contacting Studio One".

What's going on?

My setup:

  • Your Computer Make and Model - Mac Pro late 2013 6 core.  32GB Ram.
  • Operating System and Version -  Mac OSX yosemite. 10.10.5
  • Application Version - Studio one 3.3 Notion 6 (downloaded both updates on Sep 2 2016)
  • Audio Interface and it's Driver Version - Universal Audio Apollo Interface, driver version 8.6.1 Apr 2016.
  • Digital Mixer and it's Driver/Firmware Version -  no digital mixer.

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answered Sep 3, 2016 by kennyg1156 (160 points)
follow these steps and will work fine.

The fix is easy.

Go to Notion preferences.

Make sure ReWire is unchecked.

Make sure "allow network discovery" (or something close to that) IS checked.

FYI: You can only have one or the other checked as they conflict. You don't need ReWire running with Studio One as it uses the UCNET network protocol for communication.

Then in Studio one 3.3, click on Studio One before the "file Menu" and click on "Preferces" and then click on the "General" Icon and then click on the "Network" tab, and make sure or check the "Allow Remote Control Apps To Discover This DAW" and then click ok. You might have to restart both, but I did. But here is a link below for the Studio one 3.3 setup which I explained to you above. Take care.