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Keyboard working in Studio One 3.3 but not Notion 6

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asked Oct 26, 2016 in Notion by patrickbrowne (120 points)

I have recently upgraded my Studio One 3 to 3.3 and Notion 5 to 6. I can get my keyboard (Yamaha Clavinova) to trigger midi events in Studio One 3 without Issue but when I use Notion in tandem with Studio One, even though I have selected my keyboard in the Notion Preferences for the Midi input I cannot Enter notation or trigger sounds. This functionality worked perfectly before the upgrade (I just wonder if I have to check some box somewhere or configure something that got disabled with the upgrade). Please let me know what I should check in both Studio One and Notion.

Also, I use a second computer (Connected using Vienna Ensemble Pro 6) and am able to trigger sounds from manually entered notation in Notion on the first computer but again...the midi keyboard is unable to have any effect in notion (either triggering midi data or entering it)

Computer 1 (Master) - Windows 10 - Specs are formidable - Studion One 3 and Notion 6 are loaded here

Computer 2 - (Slave) - WIndows 10 - Specs are formidable -

Midi Interface: Focusrite 212 (Plugged into Computer 1)

Thanks and regards.


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answered Nov 22, 2016 by joswylin (1,260 points)
I had the same issue. The solution was pretty simple: the track on which you want to use the keyboard should be active in S1 (just click on it so that it is highlighted.

I hope this was useful.