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when will revoice pro will work like vocALign in studio one 3

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asked Sep 27, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by dillaoniel (660 points)
so like how you have vocALign in studio one3 when will revoice pro be add because its the same company

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answered Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,550 points)
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→ For USB Microphones on Windows: In StudioOne you will set the "Audio Device" setting to your "Windows Audio" then hit "Control Panel" button and set the "Recording" to your Mic in the drop down. Set the latency to the lowest setting as you will be using the Windows Driver for the audio driver.

Set the "Playback" to your computers audio speakers.

This should allow you to configure the USB Mic in StudioOne for use.

→ For USB Microphones on a MAC: Go to Audio Midi Setup, this is found in your Applications/Utilities folder. Set up an Aggregate device and set the input for the aggregate device to the USB Microphone, set the output to the output source you wish to use.

In StudioOne you will set the "Audio Device" setting in Audio Setup options to the Aggregate device you set up in your AudioMidi Setup.
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answered Sep 28, 2016 by erikhusler (3,980 points)

There's a level of RVP/S1 integration but not remotely as smooth as with Vocalign Essential (or whatever it may be called) - I almost consider getting the cut down S1 Vocalign option (in turn a cut down version of Revoice Pro) just for the intuitiveness. No learning curve. I'd rather pay an upgrade fee for the integrated RVP option (though RVP hardly came cheap).

I think quite a few users would opt for RVP instead of Vocalign given the same integration. It does the work of both Vocalign and Melodyne at once in many common cases. And I can't see any reason for Synchro Arts to close the door for that - especially given the fast S1 rise. Also yet an incentive to move to S1.

Every RVP session automatically in place even when under stress and tight conditions.... A dream scenario. Please implement!
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answered Oct 17, 2016 by frankacklin (2,270 points)
The tech behind Vocalign and Melodyne that makes working in S1 so easy is called ARA (Audio Random Access, IIRC).

It basically makes it possible for a plug-in to "see" all the audio from the host even when it's not on playback.

So: the tech is there. Let's hope the plug-in guys will implement it!

BTW - I think ARA is used by S1, Samplitude and Sonar so far.