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This DOESN'T help at all, I tried loading both the 86 and the 64 exe and neither one of those would load properly.

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asked Oct 9, 2016 in Studio One 3 by rolandlemus (230 points)
As I stated there didn't work, anything else or if the PRESONUS team themselves would put out a note to everyone that there are issues with this download that would be greatly appreciate with a step by step on how to fix it, or don't download it. Really just upset over something that should not have happened. I have work to do with my songs, and well, didn't expect this. Please help anyone? thanks.

studio one3 artist

amd phenom ii quadcore processor 6gb ddr3

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answered Oct 9, 2016 by rolandlemus (230 points)
ok, after spending a wasted 2 hours of troubleshooting, the answer is to uninstall your studio one artist and then go to your download area where you have the download, and REDOWNLOAD the Presonus exe file again. you will have to have your Audiobox open when you try this. The update note on your Presonus header, if you are a windows 7 users, DO NOT CLICK ON IT, you will be messed up because for whatever reason, that deletes important run files, and there are multiple ones. too many to correct one by one. I went there, it is easier to just unistall the Studio one and reinstall it. I didn't lose all of my songs or EZDRUMMER, but I am very concerned that this is not posted clearly for us and that we should know about it, and even though I AM a windows7 user, my pc is up to date on updates, and this is just not necessary. Come on guys, please test these updates better, I now reconsidering if I should even go to the professional level and just go to pro tools. Less issues.