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Buying Computer Guide

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asked Jan 3, 2017 in Computer Based Recording & Production by jofpgallagher (140 points)
Hi there,

Did a bit of a search. Couldn't find too much.

I am planning to replace my old laptop (That I only use to record) for a newer desktop.  I wonder if you guys have written an article about what specifications I shuold get for a computer and more importantly what to avoid.  I am aware there is a "Minimum System Requirement" which can be found at the product's description, but I was wondering if there is more.  I just don't want to buy the minimum requirement and then regret not having spend a little bit more $$$ to get this or that.  I just don't want to settle with the bare minimum but I don't want to over blow it either.  All I do is casual recordings of my own.  I want to have ample wiggle room in terms of processing and performance.

I am also kinda wondering if I buy a desktop, should I get two HD? One for operating systems/programs, etc, and the other one for storing music? Does it make any difference?

Thank you so very much to whoever replies with useful information.

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answered Apr 13, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (199,730 points)
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Here are three computer suggestions on

These can give you a great idea of pre-configured systems that work great with Studio One.

I personally prefer desktop systems because you can control things better on the component level. Laptops are not as self serviceable in my opinion.

In regards to your HD question. Yes, it is better to use multiple HD's. Have one drive that is a minimum 7200 RPM drive as the main system drive. The OS and applications will be installed and run from this drive. The second drive also should be a minimum 7200 RPM drive, will be for your SoundSets, sample libraries, storing Songs and Projects.Never use 5400 RPM drives.

Hope this information helped.