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Scratching noise from Audiobox 1818vsl in cubase 9

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asked Jan 9, 2017 in AudioBox USB by arildklevberg (230 points)

I have newly got a Audiobox 1818vsl. I have PC with Win10 64bit, and uses Cubase 9 pro.

My problem is setup the usb interface. I can record, but, cannot listen in headphone output. I have to listen from main outputs. But it is always a scratching noise. I have tried different cables, but it is still the same.

Also when I use the interface as sound interface from the computer, I have the same noise.

I need to know:

  • The correct setup for cubase 9, 
  • How I can be rid of the scratching noise
  • How I can get sound in headphone output

Arild Klevbegr

1 Answer

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answered Jan 11, 2017 by butchrichard (131,290 points)
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Ensure you have the current device drivers installed.

Use this article to create a headphone route.

The scratching noise you describe could be driver issue or hardware fault.  You'll know more once you can test your headphones.