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How to route ADAT out from Cubase 9.5 through my Studio 18/24 in Windows 7?

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asked Jun 23 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by chrisdevleeschouwer (150 points)
Hello, I bough a  Studio 18/24 for its hability to send and receive ADAT signals to/from my external DA/AD converter. ADAT IN works perfectly but ADAT OUT doesn't... When working with Cubase 9.5, I can see graphically the signal in UC routed to 29-DAW11 to 36-Daw18 when I assign ADAT channels outs 1 to 8 in Cubase but I get no sound at all. How can I make it work?... Thanks

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answered Jun 28 by butchrichard (126,480 points)
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Analog Line Outputs = 1 - 8

SPDIF L/R = 9/10

ADAT Out = 11 - 18