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Cant run Studio One 3 and youtube simultaneously

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asked Jan 11, 2017 in Studio One 3 by israel14 (210 points)
Asus PC M52BC_,64 bit operating system,windows 8.1,AMD FX 8310 8 core processor 3.40 Ghz,AMD Radeon R7 240,Presonus Audiobox USB,Studio One # Professional 3.3 64 bit  The problem I am having is I recently upgraded to Professional and I cant watch a tutorial on youtube if I have Studio one opened,it wasn't a problem while I still had Studio One 3 Artist.

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answered Jan 11, 2017 by mattcaprio (148,000 points)
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The issue is "Exclusive Mode".

  • Right-click on the white speaker icon located in the system tray on the Windows task bar near the clock.

  • Choose Playback Devices

  • Select the audio device that you would like to adjust (i.e. - AudioBox, FireStudio)

  • Click Properties

  • Choose the Advanced tab

  • Uncheck the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device box (both boxes will be disabled now)

  • Click OK.

  • Repeat these steps for any additional devices on the Playback tab (e.g. - the AudioBox 44VSL and 1818VSL will have multiple Playback devices listed)

  • Repeat these steps for any devices listed on the Recording tab.

  • Reboot your computer to affect the changes.

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answered Jan 11, 2017 by ats58981 (130 points)
Check your Audiobox to be sure you have the mixer knob adjusted so that you can hear Inputs/ Playbacks alike.
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answered Jan 3, 2019 by ianmargetts (150 points)
edited Jan 3, 2019 by ianmargetts
The primary answer is that given already ie in windows control panel...sound uncheck the 'exclusive use' box.  However, there is another setting, inside studio one 4 that i have, where studio one lets other applications share the audio system, or not.  similar thing, check or uncheck a box.  

Cannot recall exactly where, but I had a song up and got a middle sized dialogue box up with various settings, and this was one.  However, in Windows 7 at least, you can have anomalous behaviour eg despite the above being done, and me finally getting youtube audio again, then going back to my song in studio one, the bass synth plugin wouldn't sound that was midi triggered from a midi keyboard.  EDIT IT is in preferences...advanced then near the bottom of that list it asks if you want to release audio resources to share with other programs, so check this box...default is not releasing.

closing studio one down and starting it again brought the sound back out the speakers...then i wanted a youtube instructional video up, and got the audio error again!

It would seem, some programs in some environments don't play nicely.  It is like the use of the ASIO driver is not being 'let go' of or something, in the way it needs to be.  But, I have only had studio one 3 weeks, and the midi keyboard 2 days, so there's a bit of faultfinding before i give in on this front.  I am not keeping the ipad handy just to see instructional videos as editing proceeds.  This will yield!  Probably.