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Feature request discussions: Where are Presonus staff??

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asked Jan 14, 2017 in MyPreSonus Questions by Scoox (13,230 points)
edited Jan 14, 2017 by Scoox

Sorry if this is a completely dumb question but it just seems Presonus staff are nowhere to be seen on feature request discussions. Every time I post a feature request it feels like a hopeless "message in a bottle", also mainly because many very sensible features that have consistently been up-voted over the years are yet to be implemented (e.g. Mixer Undo--even Cubase has it) while new great but less necessary features have been deployed (e.g. Mix FX).

I won't discount the possibility that those feature requests have been noticed by the devs and they are in the pipeline, the problem is nobody from Presonus ever seems to chime in and say:

"Hey, we think that's a good idea and we will look into adding it in a future version, thanks!"

That sort of reply would benefit everybody:

  1. Users wouldn't waste time bumping Feature Request threads once they've been acknowledged
  2. Customers would feel more valued

I'm also an FL Studio user, and I have to say Image-Line forum participation and customer support is top-notch. I have nothing but respect for Image-Line, and I'm yet to find a company as caring and supportive as they are. For me this is as important as the product itself, as a paying customer.

It's worth noting  though that Presonus tech support staff are awesome and they've acknowledged and filed every single bug I've reported to them. I would like to see the same level of support when it comes to feature requests, at least an occasional nod from Presonus to let users know they've been heard.

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answered Jan 17, 2017 by PreSonuSales3 (15,120 points)
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Hey Scoox,

We are sorry that we haven't been as present as we should/can be in these types of situations. I can assure you that we definitely at least read through all of our feature requests and pass them along to the appropriate product development teams. We take our customers' and user's opinions and pleas very seriously to make our products better and better each year. We are real people and consumers just like you and we understand your frustrations. Please let us know how PreSonus can make a better product and experience for you, and we promise that we will listen.
commented Jan 17, 2017 by ghasenbeck (355,550 points)
Also, the Answers Area is a Community- Driven area in which PreSonus Users assist each other as well as submit support requests. Voting them up and down and empowering the PreSonus User to have a direct effect on products.