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Why is there no playback?

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asked Mar 14, 2017 in Studio One 3 by dustin browning (160 points)
I'm using a macbook with OSX 10.8.5, Studio One 3 Artist, and a Studiolive 24.4.2. I have everything connected properly as far as I can tell. I have my mac hooked up to the firewire, I have the main left and right XLR outs on the studiolive running to a stereo power amp then out to two studio monitors, I'm running my guitar into a processor and then into the studiolive in stereo on channels 13 and 14. I have signal coming into the studiolive and into studio one (and capture) I can hear my guitar through the monitors when I play. I recorded a track and heard it the whole time I recorded, but heres where the problem starts. After I recorded the track I tried to play it back and got nothing. I've recorded with the same setup before and had no issues, I have no idea what happened, I've tried everything I can think of and still no playback. Someone please help me fix this issue

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answered Mar 15, 2017 by gadget69 (30,260 points)
Does it look like the tracks recorded? that would be a default color and audio like squiggles? If so have you checked your audio Midi settings in your Mac?
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answered Mar 15, 2017 by dustin browning (160 points)
Yes it does show that it recorded. It even shows the channel meters and main meters on studio one moving when it is playing  but theres nothing showing on my studiolive and there's nothing coming through my speakers. I'll look into the audio midi settings.