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Conecting StudioLive 2442 To MAC

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asked Apr 10, 2017 in Classic Mixers by ecograbacionymezcla (150 points)

Hello, I recently bought a mac PRO, with macSO Sierra. The other day, I tried connecting my Presonus StudioLive 2442 (via firewire) to the Mac via the Thunderbold port and the device does not recognize me. The version of UC installed is the last 1.7.4, it installs correctly, but when I turn on the console it does not synchronize with the MAC. In the console, in the part of System, I see Firmware 1.0. Status Not Driver. Thank you very much.

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answered Apr 10, 2017 by gadget69 (31,150 points)
selected Apr 12, 2017 by Michael Martin
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Hi, Have you checked :

1. Mixer is faulty; test on another computer
2. Is the mac's fw ports showing an error?

3. Thundedrbolt to fw adapter, is that working? (optional)

Below is an article in the Knowledge base :

There may be some other articles there that might help,

and finally start a tech service ticket out of your "My Presonus" account, they can get you sorted if we cannot