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Issues with Studio one v3 and Omnisphere 2

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asked Apr 19, 2017 in Studio One 3 by lauravi (160 points)
I'm doing professional sound design projects (earcons mainly), hence very short scores (1 to 3sec) with a few tracks, using Omnisphere 2 with Studio1v3.

Recently I had two issues:

1) When exporting the mixdown in wav format, the tracks made with Omnisphere 2 remained silent

2) I had a few Studio 1 software freezes while using OS2.

My professional tools:

PC Windows 7 / 64bits SP1

Sound card: Edirol FA66

Any help would be welcome, thanx in advance !

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answered Apr 19, 2017 by AlexTinsley (680,530 points)
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Make sure OS2 is setup correctly with Studio One.

Check out this community created video, it's about 8 minutes long. Packed with great info.

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answered Aug 13, 2017 by brandonlihou (690 points)
you know this is not the answer he was looking for, its the fact that we cannot bounce auto into studio One 3

Come on man....