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Why I could not see my Omnisphere plugin VST in Studio One ?

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asked Jan 20 in Studio One 5 by olivierrybak (130 points)

I'm trying Presonus Studio One instead of Cakewalk Sonar which makes me crazy with audio dropouts.
I want a DAW which can support my Native Instruments products, omnisphere and SynthMaster.

No problem with Native Instruments and SynthMaster. I saw them in right panel "Instruments".
But I don't see my Omnipshere.

I tried this video no Omnisphere at all.

I add C:\VST\Omnisphere folder as I do in Cakewalk Sonar: no Omnishpere at all.

I try to take a solution on google or Presonus FAQ, obviously I am the one having this troubleshoot.

Could you please help me ?

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