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Stylus RMX Kit Mode doesn't work with S1 V3.. and only 4 channels in multi mode work. Anyone else having issues?

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asked Feb 28, 2016 in Studio One 3 by Just After Midnight (150 points)
edited Feb 29, 2016 by Just After Midnight
EDIT- I will call Presonus phone support today. I will have to reinstall v2 if I cannot get this resolved. Will update this question as soon as I talk with Presonus.


All excited to start working with V3 but it's been a headache thus far. Stylus kit mode does not work. It appears to be receiving midi but there is no return. In multi mode I can get channels 1-3 playing back.. channel 4 does not. If I assign my first track to channel 4 then i get audio. If I assign any other track to midi 4 I get nothing. Something is borked. So sad.


I'm on PC, latest drivers and all that. Going to test out Omnisphere and Trillian with multiple instruments to see if it's limited to just Stylus or all of Spectrasonics.
Also, i'm not new to DAW's or Presonus. I have everything assigned to output A but i've gone ahead and enabled all 6 channels just in case.

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answered Feb 28, 2016 by jamesbuhler (910 points)

Someone else was reported that Omnisphere was not responding to velocity data yesterday. Here's the link

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answered Feb 28, 2016 by justincrosby (1,820 points)
I just tried Stylus RMX out in kit mode with 8 audio outs and it's working ok here in Ch 1 mode. in Channels 1- 8 mode it's not. Only 3 working. Definitely Not Good!! I'll email Spectrasonics. You should definitely do the same!

Windows or Mac?
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answered Feb 28, 2016 by justincrosby (1,820 points)
Also noticed that now it's only showing up as a VST for me, no AU available... sounds like am S One issue.