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Control effect/instrument parameters with MIDI CC easily

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asked Apr 21, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by eiphenellden (960 points)
In addition to be able to control easily parameters of an effect or an instrument with either automation & surface control, that would be nice to have also the MIDI CC channels as an input so we can use any software generated midi signal easily to drive any parameter.

That may look like that :

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answered Apr 21, 2017 by joeljossie (5,260 points)
So if I'm understanding correctly, you want it to recognize individual MIDI Channels as distinct MIDI Devices? So, for example, assign some controls on a MIDI device to channel 1, and others to channel 2, then treat them as different MIDI Devices?

That'd be neat.
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answered Apr 24, 2017 by eiphenellden (960 points)
That would allow to choose any midi channel to drive any parameter, be it a real surface control or a software generated midi signal.

If there is a plugin that generates midi signal, that means there is no need to bake the automation because you could directly bound a knob to the midi channel input.