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help - transforming multi out instruments to audio

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asked May 8, 2017 in Studio One 3 by yardenpeleg (1,270 points)

hey guys, hope you can help

im trying to transform a multi out instrument (kontakt) to audio..

i have an instance of kontakt, with 3 sounds , each routed to a diferent output

there are also 3 instrumnent tracks in my arranger , each going to a diferent midi channel 

now im trying to transform that to audio, ive tried doing it in several ways ..

i select the first instrument track and click transform to audio, i deselect "render all channels" and "remove instruments" is actualy grayed out, cant check it.

this transforms the first channel properly. the first channel is now audio, the 2nd and 3rd are still playing from their kontakt output. but when i try to transform the 2nd and 3rd track, it does not produce any audio. i can see the midi notes, but no audio information.

when selecting all instrument tracks and trying to convert them together, i get the same problem. the first track is rendered properly, the 2nd and 3rd does not produce any audio, and there is no audio image for the tracks, its just silence.

when selecting all instrument tracks and trying to convert them together , this time using "render all channels" will actualy render all 3 tracks, however for each instrument track selected , studio one produces all 3 outs from kontakt. so what i get is 1 audio channel with the information from the first track, and then 2 silenced tracks.

then another 3 tracks, this time the first and the third are silenced, and the second channels is rendered correctly

and finaly the last 3 channels, this time only the thrid one being audio and the 1st and 2nd are silenced.

so i actualy get the 3 tracks renderd but i also get 6 silenced tracks...

how do i get over this problem?? is there a solution that i have yet to discover? is it a bug? is it by design?

pls help


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answered May 8, 2017 by yardenpeleg (1,270 points)

also, when just trying to transform one channel by itself does not produce any audio (exept for the first channel)