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Remote Sync Control for SD Card / Virtual Soundcheck on Series III

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asked May 28, 2017 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by Malbec (380 points)
Hi Presonus,

Because of you not being able to deliver stagboxes for the StudioLive Series III yet I need to be creative in FOH.

I'm going to use the mixing console on a few festivals this summer and will sadly be forced to use my Studiolive as a stagebox and control FOH with my laptop and tablet.

A very much needed feature is to be able to control the SD card/Capture function from a laptop or tablet. I need to do virtual livesound tests from FOH with my tour production recordings on the SD card. Now I need to have a guy on stage to control Capture for me if that feature is not fastly being implementet. If you could just mirror the console to a laptop instead of building all kind of different controlsurfaces I would be a happy man!

This is the future, without doubt!  :-)

Yours Sincerely,

Morten Schmüchker, Denmark

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answered May 31, 2017 by AlexTinsley (825,530 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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