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How do I Add Reverb? Basic editing in Studio one 3 - Artist

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asked Jun 18, 2017 in Studio One 3 by troyaaronchapman (160 points)
Hi all

I've inherited a copy of Studio One 3 Artist after purchasing a Presonus midi interface (audiobox I two)

It seems like a most basic question, but I have recorded some tracks and want to edit them  

Eg add reverb on the flute line and compress the guitar line.  I cannot see how to do this anywhere!

Is the Artist version capable of editing tracks or is it recording only?

Many thanks


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answered Jun 18, 2017 by dwaynevalentine (4,230 points)
selected Jun 28, 2019 by nickmaggio
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1.Click the plus button in your mixer under inserts (on the selected track). A search dialog will appear. Type in your reverb plugin.


2.  Open your browser using the button on the bottom right corner of your arrange window.  Look for the word effects at the top of the window that pops up. select your reverb plugin and drag it onto the track you want.  You can also drag it into a send on your mixer window.