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asked Jun 19, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by viktoras1 (250 points)
Studio one even on version 3.5 has insane CPU spikes.

I tried to load the same project on other DAWs like Ableton or Reaper with 6 instances of SERUM vst, they worked fine. On Studio One though even with one instance i started having cpu spikes going up to 100%, while the other daws stayed at max 70% and I didnt hear any cracking/distortion.

Please Presonus, fix the cpu usage.

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answered Jun 23, 2017 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
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answered Jun 22, 2017 by LBH (4,330 points)


No doubt the CPU spikes has to be fixed.

Something in the latest update has made CPU spikes even worse than before, and it was bad before too.
Perhaps the Low Latency Monitoring system also have made this worse - especially for vitual instruments.

But i also wonder if this high ranked issue/ request has something to do with it:
The load is still not distributed well between multiple CPU cores, even if it look like S1s load is put more on CPU core 1 instead of core 0 now, but without any positive impact though - perhaps mostly because of more and heavy CPU spiking. Both this load distribution and the spiking need to be fixed. S1 is'nt stable as it is.

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answered Jul 3, 2017 by Funkybot (21,570 points)
Has 3.5.1 fixed the issues? If so, post back and close this request. If not, please indicate so in your post.
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answered Aug 2, 2017 by lorenzosempio (750 points)
unfortunately the answer is NO, they didn't fix it

I did many tests in Studio One 3.5.1 and I came to the conclusion that Studio One DOES NOT use more CPU than other DAW's, simply it is UNABLE to use the same amount of CPU as other DAW's and to spread the calculations over multi-cores;

comparing to Digital Performer on the same 8 core Mac Pro :

I can push S1 to an activity monitor CPU usage of 350% with the cores going from 35 to 70 % each (measured with menu meters app)

DP can load a ton more plugins and arrive to an activity monitor CPU usage of 600% with the cores going from 71 to 85 % each

after that both apps give me dropouts

this is the only reason I'm not switching to S1 as my main daw !!!
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answered May 21, 2019 by neiljordan1 (18,340 points)
How's this looking after the 4.5 release? CPU improvements are a core item they were touting for that version.
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answered Feb 28, 2020 by craniumark (740 points)
Still the same level of rubbish after v4.6. A project containing a few Acustica plugins takes 8 minutes to open then won't play anything as the cpu meter is full.

The exact same project opens in a few seconds in Reaper then plays perfectly with around 30% cpu usage. We've had multicore/thread CPUs for over ten years but Studio One still throttles us by piling all the plugins work onto a single core.

Presonus please note: I don't care about stupid gimmicky browsers designed to sell me stuff, I just want your program to work properly and to use more than a sixteenth of my computer's resources to do so.
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answered Feb 29, 2020 by fschmidt (6,170 points)
I know people who don't use this DAW just because of this issue.
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answered Jul 27, 2020 by alanmiller1 (1,100 points)
reshown Dec 23, 2020 by alanmiller1

Adding my request to PLEASE improve and optimize S1 CPU for multithreading. For those of us that like to use plugins like Acustica, this is a must. I have to confirm with the above comment regarding people leaving S1 for Reaper, all because the CPU optimization is significantly better. Two instances of a plugin that takes 9% in Reaper shouldn't take 48% in S1. That is ridiculous! Get with it dev team!

commented Dec 23, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
You can't compare the CPU performances by comparing the CPU meters in different DAWs. They are working differently in different applications and show different things. It's one of the most common mistakes users make when they speak about CPU management. The only way you can compare the way a DAW performs is to build the exact same song with the same plug-ins and with the same settings in two DAWs and see when you get actual drop outs with one of them.
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answered Dec 23, 2020 by alanmiller1 (1,100 points)
Well, I can’t figure out how to comment (may be an iOS issue), but to Lukas... you’re assuming I didn’t. In fact, I loaded about four to five dozen AA plugs in Reaper. I could only load a quarter of the same in S1 before it was unusable. I know how to test something, but thanks for assuming I don’t. My request stands.
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answered Jan 29, 2021 by franckmariani (3,230 points)
Number 1 priority
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answered Jul 19, 2021 by bailatosco (4,730 points)
After years of using Studio One, this is still my main grievance. The CPU consumption is ridiculous and very inconsistent between different buffer and dropout protection setups.
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answered Sep 4, 2021 by estebanvillanova (250 points)
This should be the most upvoted feature request and the number one priority for Presonus. Record enabling a track causes an insane increase of CPU even at higher buffer size. I understand that fixing the engine is a daunting task but people are actually leaving the DAW because of this. REAPER and Cakewalk are both better at this, you're seriously losing market share, this is not a trivial issue.
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answered May 9, 2022 by NoiseCoalition (1,240 points)

I noticed that when a studio one session reaches it's max (pops, clicks, etc), it does not actually max out all the cores on my Macbook Pro M1 Max. It seems like S1 is leaving a lot of CPU headroom on the table.

I created a thread on the forums here