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Why does my Studio One run fine during the night, but during the day continues to max out CPU on larger projects?

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asked Nov 9, 2019 in Studio One 4 by sammyers1 (610 points)
Hey there,

I love S1 for mixing, but when I'm running larger mix sessions during the day, they begin to max out the S1 CPU reading and lead to cracks, pops, and lagging that makes the DAW unusable (actual CPU usage on the computer is less than 50% but I understand S1 is unable to maximise all of this). These exact same sessions run perfectly at night time and that's why it's so confusing. I'm running a MPB maxed out 2016 model with Mac OS 10.13.6 and Studio One 4.5.4, and I'm not too sure if this problem is prevalent in other DAWs (I occasionally had some problems with Logic but it was no where near what I'm getting atm with S1).

So the main thing I would look at as a variable between daytime and nighttime is the heat (I'm in Australia and it's hot here). However, I've tried various methods of cooling my laptop, and as a result internal temperature readings across the board stay comparable to those at night (sometimes even less), and the throttling still occurs. Theoretically that should rule out the heat as the variable - the only variable still remaining being that the actual room itself is hotter than at night, though none of the MBP's temperature sensors pick this up with internal temperatures remaining consistent being of my extra cooling. Do laptops sometimes have an external temp. sensor you can't monitor within any software? I've checked every internal sensor I can monitor using iStatistica, and so that would be the only case I could imagine this being the cause.

Similarly, opening up Intel Power Gadget, the lagging of Studio One doesn't appear to correlate to when the CPU has dips and peaks, with the S1 lagging still occurring when the CPU is even above its base speed, but only during the day. I've also tried unplugging the Internet, disabling the anti virus, and closing all other applications, with the issue remaining during the day.

In fact the only other variable I think I haven't isolated a[art from ambient room temperature due to the $1k+ cost of installing quality aircon (again, internal temperatures still being perfectly fine), is the physical time on my laptop's clock.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, or if people could share if they've had a similar experience to me because it's very confusing and making my work near impossible as you can imagine.

Cheers tons,


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answered Nov 10, 2019 by leonordmann (2,050 points)
Maybe it is because of humidity? Idk just a thought.