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Why did my StudioLive AI mixer lose all of its previous settings?

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asked Jul 2, 2017 in Ai Mixers by jspring (10,740 points)
retagged Jul 6, 2017 by abrand2
I powered on my mixer and it appears to have lost all of its previous settings that it had when I last powered it off. What happened?

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answered Jul 2, 2017 by jspring (10,740 points)
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The StudioLive mixers will automatically save their current settings approximately 3-5 seconds after the last parameter change. When the mixer is auto-saving, the Store light will turn on briefly to indicate this save process.

If the mixer is powered off while it's auto-saving, the mixer state save can become corrupt, causing it to lose some or all of its previous state settings, and revert to factory defaults.

In order to ensure that the mixer's auto-save is successful and that it will power on with all of its previous settings, you should make sure to not power the mixer off when the Store light is lit indicating that the mixer is auto-saving.