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Can you make S1 more lightweight again?

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asked Jul 11, 2020 in Look and Feel by jeany (1,110 points)
I was pretty impressed when I moved to S1 from other DAW. Lightweight, simple, intuitive, great workflow and etc, it was an almost perfect solution for the music producers. One day, I was curious about Reaper as many people say their good experience of it. So, I gave it a shot and it was amazing. Reaper is much lighter than any other DAWs in the market includes S1. It blew my mind. However, their workflow is not impressive. Pretty complicated and kinda messy.
Since some point, S1 began to get heavier and heavier with new various plugins. I understand it is necessary for the competition, but I hope S1 gets light again.

Congrats on S1 5's release!

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