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What are the functions of the Filter check-boxes in New Keyboard Setup?

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asked Oct 30, 2015 in Studio One 3 by StephenSounder (140 points)
retagged Oct 30, 2015 by StephenSounder

When adding a New Keyboard there is a section under 'Receive From' called Filter that has check-boxes: Aftertouch, Program Change, Pitch Bend and Controllers.  When checked I am unable to map my Arturia Keylab keyboard. Un-checked I am able to map my Keylab.

What is the function of these check-boxes?

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answered Oct 30, 2015 by TechSupport77 (195,020 points)
When checked, those filters will filter out the MIDI information for the respective box.  For example, if you check the box for "Aftertouch," all Aftertouch MIDI data will be filtered and will not be sent.  Those options are there to filter out MIDI data that you do NOT want to be sent.  If left unchecked, the MIDI data will be transmitted.