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Heard a 'pop', CPU spiked to 100%, and will no longer playback or repond

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asked Jul 21, 2017 in Studio One 3 by andrewjanicke (200 points)
So I was recording something the other day nothing out of the usual. When I heard a loud POP then everything died. Studio One stopped responding, the CPU spiked to 100% (in DAW but not in task manager) and I wasn't even using more than 10% when this happened.

My 6i6 is set up in the settings menu and even when I restart my computer I open a project (any project) and the CPU spikes to 100 and the play button will work but the navigator doesn't move and there is no sound.


Studio One 3 Pro

Scarlette 6i6

PC- i5 4690k (not OC'd)

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answered Jul 24, 2017 by jameshoward (830 points)
Just a short checklist of things to try... many of which you may have thought of.

1) check audio settings in windows making sure speaker and recording settings have correct defaults.
2)I'm not familiar with the 6i6 but if it's ASIO, check the asio settings and in particular; some ASIO related hardware have software mixers that may need settings adjusted.
3)If the 6i6 is thru usb, firewire, or a thunderbolt device, you might try changing the ports. This would likely also force a reinstall of the driver if it's plug and play. If this solves your issue then make sure to test that port with another device; a mouse for instance.
4)make sure that you're disconnected from the internet then, turn off your antivirus program. They have been known to interfere with some after-market hardware and can use up resources required by the recording software. It will take priority over pretty much everything for the sake of protecting your computer.
     These are just some of the basics. Beyond this, you may consider contacting Presonus CS.
     This may not solve your problem but it may help, even if in other areas. I recommend upgrading your computer's power supply when possible. If you're not hardware savvy, most people today know someone that is and upgrading can ensure that proper power levels are sent to the ports at all times which also can solve latency issues when it concerns audio recording or midi input. Truth is, when you buy a computer today, it's power supply is usually just large enough to operate any factory hardware. Add a PCIe card and start filling the ports and that creates power-flow problems. I found out the hard way that this can affect computers set up for gaming or recording the most. After all both usually require additional hardware and high computer processing.