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How can i feed the audio effects of an external instrument track of ableton to the AR16 and hear the track with effects?

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asked Aug 19, 2017 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by juanpablodonoso (120 points)
my setting is: external instrument track in ableton live sends notes to the synth. In the same track i put audio effects of ableton so the synth sounds with them, like reverb, eq, etc. The audio output of the synth goes to a channel of the studio live AR 16, which is connected via usb to ableton. I play and listen to,the notes of the extrnal,synth BUT NOT THE AUDIO EFFECTS THAT ARE IN THE EXTERNAL INSTRUMENT TRACK IN ABLETON.

My question is how can i send the audio effects of that track to the AR 16 so i can heaar it from the ctrl or the main out.

I have seen in channel 15/16 a usb button named 3/4 and a button in the main out named 1/2. In a previous mixer i had (alesis multimix 16 usb2.0) the instructions were very clear of how to do that and it never failed. But the presonus manual is a bit confusing for it does not says wether you should have those buttons up or down. Thanks!

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