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When 48v pressed audio box unrecognized

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asked Sep 25, 2017 in AudioBox USB by sbreezy239 (230 points)
Audio playback and presonus audio box function but once I engage the 48v ( glows red ) to record my audio box is unrecognizable. I'm using universal control ..

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answered Sep 26, 2017 by butchrichard (131,280 points)
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If pressing the 48v pahantom button causes the AudioBox to drop connection to your computer, this may indicate a hardware issue with the unit. The quickest way we can confirm this is to test the AudioBox on another computer. If the AudioBox has the same issue, then have your AudioBox exchanged from where you purchased it or contact PreSonus Support for repairs.

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answered Sep 26, 2017 by sbreezy239 (230 points)
I actually went back to guitar center and swapped out the audio boxes for a new one and it's still doing the same thing, my mic only engages when the 48v is engaged, but it's not allowing me to engaged it.