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PreSonus Audio USB 96, Problem left output volume

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asked Oct 28, 2019 in AudioBox USB by synderialaser (120 points)
Hello PreSonus Community,

So i have got my PreSonus Audio USB 96 for 2-3years now and it worked fine. I have never used the outputs on my interface before, but as i got my new KRK 8 Monitors i recognized that the left output had troubles keeping up with the volume. Like it crackles a little bit (8-10sec.) and then i finally would hear some sounds. This went on for quite a time until this week where the left output wouldn't work at all. So i opened the device to look for some defects and closed it shortly after i couldn't find any obvious damage. Reconnected it, played with the "main knob" and "mixer knob", then again it crackles and works somehow out of nowhere. Now when i turn the main knob little bit up/down, i am again not able to hear anything on my left monitor... it kinda feels like operating a safe.

Thank you for reading,


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