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Do Series 3 boards (16 in my case) have the SMA RT function (pink noise, etc) to ring out mains/rooms?

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asked Sep 27, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by gfurlow (530 points)
Do series 3 mixers have SMART functions?

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answered Oct 2, 2017 by Michael Martin (89,010 points)
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SMAART is not including with the Series 3 platform. There are no plans to add it at this time.

Series 3 mixers do have built in RTA function. Tone Generator is planned to be added to all Series 3 mixers, as I understand it. More information will come at some point to clarify.
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answered Sep 30, 2017 by Gembo2011 (1,260 points)
According to what I have read, Presonus has stated that Series 3 consoles will not incorporate Rational Acoustics SMAART. However, the consoles do have a RTA available on all channels

As for Pink Noise... If you will look at the Products - Mixing Systems - StudioLive Series III Console Mixers. Then view the Features section of each of the three consoles, you will find that ONLY the SL32 states it has a Signal Generator.

With this said, I own a SL32 series III with the latest Firmware (1.5.12719) installed and there is NO Signal Generator. I guess we will have to see what future firmware updates bring?