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I Cannot reinstall the AudioDriver after Update the Firmware of U.Control for Audiobox 1818vsl (Windows 10/64bits)

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asked Sep 29, 2017 in AudioBox USB by sharkhardmusicsharkhardmusic (120 points)

After Update the Universal Control at 44619 Version & Firmare 1.49 on my Audiobox 1818vsl, The Control Panel does not work anymore.

I tried to reinstall the last driver (Installer v1.3 - 5653) (Audiobox Driver 2.21), but it is no possible.

It said to ask me to plug & replug the Audiobox. But nothing.

(It has only "copied" several files as a .dll into a selected Folder)

I also tried to reinstall (ALL) as a new one more then twice, but nothing.

The Universal Control recognize the Audiobox, but no chance to install the driver for the Control Panel.

Now i left linstalled the Universal Control at 44619 Version & MAYBE the Firmare 1.49 on my Audiobox 1818vsl, if this finally has been confirmed.

Do you can help me?

My system is Windows 10 / 64bits.

Early Thanx

1 Answer

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answered Oct 6, 2017 by butchrichard (131,130 points)

Ensure your computer is fully up to date with all current Windows Updates.

Go to your computer's vendor website and search your model computer.  Install all available drivers for your model computer.

Use this article to fully uninstall the AudioBox drivers.

AntiVirus programs can be very cautious.  You may need to temporarily disable your AntiVirus before you install the device drivers.

Additionally, USB connections are not equal.  When the Legacy 1.3 device drivers prompt you to connect the device, connect your AudioBox only at this time and then click "Install Driver".  If the same screen returns, disconnect your AudioBox and connect to a different USB connection on your computer and try again.  One USB connection may work better.