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certain notes aren't making sound

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asked Oct 23, 2017 in Notion by jacobsherrick (290 points)

Hi! I have a slight issue concerning the sound of some of my scores. Occasionally, when I write in a note for any instrument, no sound will be produced. There is a question from 2014 that is similar to my situation, but instead I am using Notion 6, and the notes that aren't sounding are in range. In fact, there are notes above, below, and in between the broken notes, that will sound.  The other question did mention that it could be caused by an overload of the score, but I have this occurring in a score with only 5 instruments more often than my score with 30 instruments. I have soloed and muted the instruments, but with no success, and have reopened the score after restarting the system, also without success. I definitely enjoy to hear what I am writing it helps me process and comprehend the music. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Also, I have observed that when i click on some of the notes, they make sound, but they don't when i start the playback.smiley

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answered Oct 24, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,400 points)
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Hi Jacob,

The fastest way to get a resolution to this issue is to submit a support ticket from within your account.  Make sure that you attach one of your problematic scores to that ticket and indicate where the problem is happening.

For general troubleshooting, try reloading your sounds.  To do this, you will want to go into File>Preferences>Audio (Notion>Preferences on Mac) and click the "choose..." button.  Navigate to your Notion 6 Sounds folder and click the button to select it.  This will reload all of your sounds.  Here is a link to a kb article with the specifics:

Another possible problem here might be that you have a 0 velocity set for the afflicted notes.  To check, hit the "Tab" key on your computer keyboard to view your sequencer overlay.  If all of your notes are a gray color, then there are not any recorded velocities and this is not your problem.
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answered Oct 25, 2017 by jacobsherrick (290 points)
Thank you i reloaded the sounds and it worked! Also i did have 0 velocity on some of my notes.