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Notion IOS Handwriting Input

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asked Nov 3, 2017 in Notion by scotterickson3 (160 points)
Hi. Just got Notion IOS yesterday. Bought the handwriting upgrade. I write notes and it looks likes it's working and then it disappears and doesn't add any notation leaving an empty bar. What am I missing?


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answered Nov 3, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,020 points)
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You will want to take a look at page 43 of the Notion for iOS User Guide.  Here you will find the supported notation for the Handwriting App.  The User Guide can be accessed by tapping the icon of the question mark at the bottom of the screen.  

You can also try using the Handwriting window instead of writing directly into your score.  This option is available by tapping the icon of the Handwriting Tool at the bottom, center, of the screen.

If the problem persists, please feel free to submit a support ticket from within your account.
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answered Feb 23 by michaelblazer (180 points)
Same problem here, and the user guide gives me no clue as to what I might be doing wrong!