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Synchronize external control surfaces like Mackie MCU Pro to mixer scene channel strip visibility

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asked Mar 22, 2023 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by richardwhite14 (650 points)
Studio One added mixer scenes which is great improvement for workflow to hide unnecessary channel strips.

The scene feature would be more useful if the visibility of channel strips in the mixer view were also reflected on external control surfaces such as the Mackie MCU Pro.

Currently you can change the visibility of channel strips on the mixer view, but the external controller continues to show ALL channel strips.

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answered Apr 14, 2023 by bitsoundstudio (1,150 points)
You can change that behaviour.

- Go to the console and enable the channel list. On the bottom you have a list of kind of tracks to view/hide. The last one is a yellow button named "Edit Remote Bank". Activate it and the MCU device will follow the mixer visibility.