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How do I EQ a room on the new StudioLive Series III Rack Mixer

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asked Nov 6, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by michaelroy1 (230 points)

My SL24R arrived last week and I was surprised to see that it did not have the SMAART room analysis feature nor the spectrograph.  I'm a bit disappointed as I will be using this mixer in multiple venues and I've grown accustom to having it on all my other StudioLive mixers.  Is there any plan to add SMAART or some other room analysis feature to these rack mixers in a future update? 

If it's not on the horizon or for the meantime, could you tell me if this would work as a manual EQ option?  Send a pink noise source to the mains, connect RTA mic and send it to an aux bus, monitor that aux bus's RTA on the GEQ screen via connected laptop while adjusting the Main's GEQ on a tablet until the aux's RTA readout is relatively flat.  All this assuming the two channels used for the pink noise source and the RTA mic as well as the aux bus and mains have all dynamic processing turned off.  

Thanks for your help.

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answered Dec 29, 2017 by GaborSchilten (180 points)
Hi, have you figured out how to do this with the new RTA which is supposed to be the next best thing?
I've just ordered the series 3 24R and am a bit worried about the lack of smaart being a rookie in this field..
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answered Jan 11, 2018 by mikerodgers2 (1,150 points)
If you have Smaart on your laptop, i'm assuming your using an usb pre, I connect my main output to one input on the usb pre, the pink noise routed out of the usb pre output to a channel on the mixer. My reference mic is connected to the other input on my usb pre.  In transfer mode on Smaart, you can get your delay times and rta there..

FYI, make sure your eq for the channel input for the pink noise is off. Flat..