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Customize Mouse Modifiers

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asked Nov 30, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by jojokozy (560 points)
edited Nov 30, 2017 by jojokozy
I do a LOT of editing and have a workflow that I've been using for over 15 years.  I was able to transition from Adobe Audition 3.0 to Reaper VERY easily due to Reaper's customizations - in particular keyboard shortcuts, mouse modifiers, scrolling, and zooming.

The biggest request I have, is to be able to customize the mouse modifiers for scrolling, zooming, click/drag.

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answered May 22, 2018 by AlexTinsley (881,400 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Nov 30, 2017 by owenchaim (480 points)
I agree!  mouse scroll options (zoom, horizontal scroll, etc) would be awesome!
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answered Dec 4, 2017 by yvessg (2,660 points)
I also use a lot this feature. We need the ability to customize but also a  waveform zoom function and ability to remove the" play list change" (alt+ mouse scroll) that leads to big mistakes !
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answered Apr 14 by Scoox (12,230 points)


The universal standard for selecting a continuous range of things (e.g. files in Windows Explorer or any other file explorer) is to hold down Shift, and the universal standard for selecting non-continuous range of things is to hold down Ctrl.

Meanwhile, in Studio One... it's complicates:

  • Piano Roll and Arrangement: Shift selects non-continuous range of clips/notes (should have been Ctrl, like the universal standard), and Ctrl does something else.
  • Arrangement track headers and mixer tracks: Shift selects range, Ctrl selects non-continuous range (adheres to universal standard)
This drives me bananas, because I can never get a sense of "mastery" since S1 has a dual modifier personality disorder, depending on which context you are in I am asked to use on "standard" or the other. Actually it's not as bad as FL Studio where modifier assignments are a complete mess. Ableton Live also exhibits one such inconsitncy, though that doesn't mean it's OK.
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answered May 21 by fdsdffdsef (440 points)
Agree. It will make the transition from other DAWs much better