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Make scrolling across screen easier for editing tracks on Studio one

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asked Dec 10, 2017 in Studio One 3 by bradredden2 (530 points)

I use 'Vegas' Video editing software (which is also great for editing multitrack audio files if needed) and to get to a place/space on a large or long audio file is quick and easy by going to the 'Bar' underneath the multitracks (same as in StudioOne3) but you can adjust the size of scope of viewing on screen by pointing mouse to the right corner of 'Bar' and dragging it left to right to increase or decrease the range, and then move the bar to where you want to be to edit your audio file. This is a lot quicker  then going back a forth from the ' Bar' (normally  on the left) and then to the  far right of screen to adjustment viewing area and then back again to left to adjust where you want to be ,and back to the right etc etc In Studio One3

Just  a thought.




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