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Remapping a midi note

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asked Dec 21, 2017 in Studio One 3 by darrelpinson (420 points)
Is there a way to remap a midi-note? Seems like this would be a natural for the Note-FX, but I don’t find this functionality there. (or in the drum map)

One use case that I have an immediate need for is to map my electronic drums to various drum sample packages and/or from a performance recorded on one package remapped to another package…

So, this simplest case it to simply to a one-to-one mapping of an input note to another note. (e.g. C1 to C3, C2 to D5, …). This would allow playing into any drumming packaged (or any instrument for that matter), or re-voicing any performance, by simply interposing the remapping.

If this feature exists already, please let me know where to look. If it doesn’t, I would like to request it as a feature.

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answered Dec 23, 2017 by LucasTX (360 points)
I don't know if this will help. I use an Akai MPD218 (16 pads in a small square - about $100) to record my drum parts into StudioOne - the Akai MPD218 editor software lets you create multiple maps of the pads so that on each different drum package you use, the same pad will be the kick, snare etc.  What my approach won't help with is where you have recorded a drum track using say, Addictive Drums, then decide you want to play it back using Big Bang Drums or Session Drummer. For that you need a proper mapper within StudioOne - which, if it doesn't have one, should be on the list of items for the next release. (I am new to StudioOne - just migrated from Sonar).