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Studio 26 interface drops out

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asked Jan 2, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by harriesnijders1 (230 points)

I’m using ‘studio one artist’ along with the studio 26 interface to record on my mac mini which runs on High Sierra.

The following problems occur:

1. My computer is always on but goes to sleep when inactive. Often when I come back, playback won’t start. Not in Studio one and neither in Itunes. When I disconnect the interface and then reconnect it the mac it works again. I t seems to me that’s not the way it should go down.

2. It also happened a couple of times when I’m listening to music in Itunes i hear some crackling noise for a couple of seconds and then there’s no more sound however ITunes is stil playing. When I switch to the built in speaker of my mac the music continues.

I’m on the latest versions of al programs and os.

Does anybody know what’s wrong?

Kind regards

Harrie Snijders

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answered Apr 3, 2018 by patrickbutterworth (160 points)
I have no answer to this, but this is happening to me all the time, it is driving me mad.

I'm using windows 10, and this happens regularly. Most of the time whilst watching you tube or netflix. Suddenly the sound will just cut out then cause whatever im watching to stop playing. I have to unattach the usb at the back then plug it back in again, then I have to refresh the page and it will work again. This can be as frequent as every 10 minutes, or sometimes not at all. I have noticed this happens when I open another program at the same time, but not all the time.

If anyone has any advice please let me know.

Misschien alleen in Nederland Harrie :)
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answered Sep 29, 2018 by nielswillard (230 points)
Well, I was having the exact same issue's yesterday, but today I got my mic. Now that the Studio 26 is continuously listening to the mic it doesn't seem to drop out anymore. Maybe that fixes the problem for you too. I'm not sure if just plugging in a line input of some sort will have the same effect, but I really do still think PreSonus should just fix this in their firmware. Just using the Studio 26 as a multi-channel external sound device is a legitimate use. I'm doing so right now. YouTube on Line-Out and Discord on Main-Out. That way I can physically mix between the two with knobs.

Aangezien het probleem alleen in Nederland voor lijkt te komen vraag ik mij af of wij in Nederland en verkeerde batch hebben gekregen, of zijn er gewoon erg veel Nederlanders op dit platform?
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answered Nov 1, 2018 by TihmensFX (260 points)
edited Nov 5, 2018 by TihmensFX
Hello friends, the same thing happened to me with my recently released Studio 26, it was disconnected every X time or after changing some settings in Universal Control, etc.

I could find a solution, the problem was the automatic drivers installed by Windows 7, after installing the Universal Control (Studio USB Driver) for my Studio 26 creates a conflict with the automatic drivers.

This is my solution so that Studio 26 does not fall asleep / deactivate every X time (the language of my computer is in Spanish, therefore I do not know if the routes that I will comment next will be exact in a Windows 7 system with English language):

1. Go to "Start / Devices and printers", right click on the user icon (blue box) and then click on the option "Device installation configuration".

2. Now in the window that has just appeared select the options "No, let me choose" and "Never install Windows Update driver software".

3. Once this is done, uninstall all the Universal Control drivers in "Control Panel / Uninstall a program" (in case we have not done it yet).

4. Turn off the computer, unplug all cables inserted in the audio interface and also unplug the USB port of the interface that is connected to the computer.

5. We start the computer again and Windows 7, connect the USB cable from the interface to the computer, install the Universal Control application (we only install the Studio USB Driver option, uncheck the other options). And that's it, Studio 26 should work correctly in Windows 7 64 bits.

I hope my experience helps you. A hug!.
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answered Jul 11, 2020 by rudolphcrous (400 points)
I have a Presonus Studio 2|6 USB.  Running Windows 10, the sound card often stops responding.  Going to Device Manager, you get the error message "Failed to reset USB port", and the sound card shows not connected (red light).  Big struggle to get all the software installed to make it work, and then, without explanation or reason, it stops working.  DRIVES ME NUTS!  Uninstall drivers and software, reboot, re-install, it sometimes works, sometimes does not, ARRRGGHH!!!!

Same hardware, running ANY flavor of Linux - no special software required, SOLID AS A ROCK, and works with EVERYTHING!

Plenty of requests to move Studio One to Linux, but it looks like it is not going to happen.  In the meantime, it is on MacOS (which is derived from FreeBSD Linux), so it should be straightforward to port to Linux (and mop up the market, as there is literally nobody else there).