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Monitoring my guitar through the Quantum

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asked Jan 6 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by Taylord (150 points)
I recently purchased a Quantum and haven't been able how to hear my guitar when my guitar processor is plugged into the front inputs of the quantum. So do you have to have a DAW open and a track armed for direct monitoring to be able to hear back at all times?

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answered Jan 11 by jonasfogedkristensen (380 points)
I would very much like to know this too!

Though for me its about synths. Can I plug my stereo-out cables from my synth into the quantum, turn the quantum on, connect speakers to quantum, and then hear the synth??

Or do I have to have a computer connected? If so, do I then have to have Studio One 3 open, to hear my synth?

Best Jonas
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answered Jan 16 by philangus (7,310 points)
edited Feb 22 by philangus
I can't for the life of me work out in what scenario you would want to do this. Quote from Sound On Sound magazine review:

 "if you want to hear what’s coming into any of the Quantum’s inputs, you can only do so via your recording software.."
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answered Jan 17 by connorguiberteau (17,500 points)
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There is no internal mixer for Quantum.

To monitor input you will need to use a DAW.